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The device attaches to any Jet Ski (PWC) and once attached you can Fly like a bird or swim like a dolphin. We have all dreamed of flying, now it is possible, with the new and exciting flying watersport.  

Cycle Springs is Now a dealer For this amazing product. for more info please give us a call. 727-771-1211


Does your Motorcycle, Jet Ski, Boat, Side by Side or ATV not run properly all the time? Almost all of the new units today utilize Electronic Fuel Injection Systems which improves starting and fuel efficiency. Unfortunately with today’s high level of Ethanol, Fuel injectors are susceptible to corrosion, moisture damage, and debris blockages.

Until recently the only solution was to crudely clean the injectors manually or replace the injectors. Cycle Springs Power Sports has invested in a State of the Art Ultrasonic Computerized Fuel Injection Flow Testing and Cleaning System that will test, clean, synchronize and confirm proper flow rates throughout all RPM’s of your fuel injection system.

For only $99 our experts will make sure your injectors are externally cleaned, visually inspected, and numbered. We Flow your fuel injectors for resistance, shorts and current draw. We perform leak test, inspect the injectors spray pattern and flow rate. We remove the injector filter baskets, o-rings and pintle caps(if needed). The injectors are then cycled through the ASNU ultrasonic fuel cleaning tank to remove to remove any particles and dirt. A high-pressure back flush and then we will flow bench and retest the injectors for improvement. This will insure that your injectors
are working effectively and efficiently.

Call Cycle Springs Power Sports today at 727-771-1211 and get your Vessel or Vehicle running like it was brand new.

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